By joining the Information system program at University of Kanjuruhan Malang, you will get valuable skills to create, apply, synthesize and integrate the solution of Information technology for the effectiveness and efficiency of management in the business world. All of those skills are highly required and it will also definitely place you in the vital and strategic position in the cooperate world. This program is more focusing on the computer-based established infrastructural system and the management and organization that emphasize on web, multimedia, and mobile-based software.

The Information system study has applied curriculum based on ACM ( Association for Computing Machinery) and AIS ( Association of Information Systems) and the Taxonomy curriculum (APTIKOM) as well. There are two special  concentrations in this Information System department, they are as the followings :

  1. Mobile technology which emphasize on the mobile program, security mobile, smart technology, and game technology.
  2. Data warehouse & E-business which focuses in the learning on the decision support system and data mining, data warehouse management, content management system, and e-business.


To be a high quality study program in designing web, multimedia, and mobile technology-based information system and also data warehouse and E-business.


  1. To apply the information technology-based learning to produce high quality graduates who have good behaviour and gobal knowledge.
  2. To conduct studies on informationa nd communication which suit the need of people and also to develop knowledge and technology.
  3. To conduct community practice in the information and communication technology to increase society life level.
  4. To maintain a good relationship in the information and communication technology as a condierable strategy to increase the quality of inormation system study program.
  5. To empower the alumni or graduates to develop their role in the society so that they can keep the good reputation of information system study program.
  6. To develop and create a harmony and healthy organizational climate.



To produce graduates who :

  1. Have global knowledge and master computer skills to help the process of business and management.
  2. Are able to do computer-based established information system infrastructure and apply the knowledge by using the techniques, methods, special aids and the documentation as well.
  3. Are capable to develop their knowledge on technology and continue their study to higher level ( post graduate)
  4. Have good attitudes and professional ethics based on their faith and nationalism.



Some academic competencies that should be developed by the graduates  are as the followings :

  • Master the knowledge on information system infrastructure.
  • Are able to specify and design information systems based on the goals of the organization.
  • Are able to integrate the data and produce a good quality information
  • Are able to analyse, design, and implement mobile technology-based information system and also data warehouse and E-business.


Be able to adapt and maintain a good relationship in the society as a professional in the information and technology field.

  • Be able to have good verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • Have capability in mastering general knowledge on culture, social, arts and religion as well.
  • Have a high appreciation and social awareness.
  • Respect human’s rights



  • Have professional attitudes and good work ethics because of their nationalism and faith in God.
  • Have good behaviour, professional ethics and morality based on religion and moral values.



  1. Classrooms
  2. Internet access
  3. Software application
  4. Multimedia
  5. Networking
  6. Library
  7. Net-workstations
  8. English center
  9. Sport center

 ( Salwa)



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